New free online games for kids

Kids online games – the future has come

We all want our kids to grow smart, we want them to develop their abilities, possess skills that will be necessary in our modern life.

We create child online games that help parents and kids to achieve this aim.

Our experience shows that modern children study to be “friends” with a computer very easily and in a quick manner, they get to know how to work with a keyboard and a mouse, it becomes a really natural process for them.

It’s really great because high-grade developmental games stimulate the growth of many important qualities, for example:

  • Coordination of movements and small motor functions develop;
  • Mentality also develops. The kid should think himself how to collect a puzzle, how to paint a picture in a better way, how to solve this or that riddle. Try to help your child only if he/she does not understand what to do or cannot solve a riddle. It’s better when a kid copes with the task himself, his self-rating will grow, he will make one more step in development, will know how to do things he has never done before.
  • Attention and concentration develop;
  • Memory trains.

It’s important to notice that such child online games help to form positive creative thinking that allows solving assigned tasks on the basis of templates and skills as well as in nonstandard situations. Left part of cerebral hemisphere works more actively, this part of brain is responsible for analytic thinking and effectiveness of incoming information processing.

Of course, it’s really important to understand that there is no use to spend hours and hours playing the games even if they are very interesting and helpful, first of all it concerns our small kids.

15-20 minutes of games (if your kid is 3-5 years old) will not bring harm to the eyes of a kid, will not overload psychic of a child but will be useful for development and education.

Our site is very young but we try to create only the best and the most interesting kids games. We thank all the users of our site for their attention and for the interest in our project.