Coloring “Little Round Bun”

Very badBadnormalI like this!It is cool!

– The Little Round Bun, I’ll eat you!
– Don’t eat me, dear Fox! I’m not colourful. I’m black and white and I’m not tasty at all!
That’s one of these characters’ dialogues.
The white and black Little Round Bun looks tasteless, doesn’t it? And the Fox wearing white and black fur coat looks a little bit strange. Maybe, the winter has finished. Then, why are there leaves in the trees? An why is the grass growing?
So, let’s take a paintbrush and make the picture colourful and really beautiful!
By the way, dear parents, have you ever noticed one strange thing about the children? The older the child is, the more interesting his or her picture is. That is so because when the child is little, he or she uses on or two colours. But then he or she tries to use different colours and the picture becomes brighter and much more interesting.
Please, don’t forget to praise your child!

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