Draw a lion’s whelp!

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This is the first game from a new series – “drawings with the help of dots”.
Maybe you already saw some printed pictures where it was necessary to outline the contour of a drawing, the dots started from number 1 there and so on.
The rules are the following.
You should find number “1” in the picture; press it with a left mouse button.
Then try to find number “2”and mark it as well, a line will be drawn automatically.
After that it’s necessary to find all the rest numbers.
You’ll see a nice lion’s whelp if you do everything correctly!

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  1. Darlyne Bothwell says:

    I am having problems with the game opening correctly. I click on a game but only part of the game section shows on the screen, therefore I am unable to play any of the games. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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