Coloring and drawing

Online coloring for kids

Kids’ online coloring – great possibility for development of children’s artistic skills.

Green grass, blue sky, dark blue sea, beautiful flowers and trees, any fantasy can become true here.

A kid creates his own world drawing or coloring a picture.

Look, children draw pictures everywhere and always.
They create their masterpieces with the help of chalks and asphalt, they draw on wallpapers with felt-tip pens, in albums with colors…
Dear parents, do you remember how many times you drew in the past?

We live in a modern 21st century, technologies develop, our kids have the possibility to try themselves in one more type of art – coloring of pictures online.
It’s very convenient because the picture is always bright and interesting, we can color it several times; change the colors as many times as we wish…

We try to create kids’ online colorings that will help a child to understand the world and will give such a small person the possibility to open his creative skills.

Try to color a picture, help your kid, understand that any drawing can be really bright and interesting!

Dots will help you to create a picture

There are the games on this page of the site where you can create your picture with the help of dots.
This is really easy. Connect the dots.
Here you can see a picture. Our painter marked the dots on it; the dots are placed in all the important areas of the picture.
Let’s start… Try to find the dot with number “1” and mark it (just click on it with a left mouse button). Then we try to find number”2”, click on it and we’ll have the first line – from “1” to “2”.

Continue to mark the dots as the numbers grow. The picture appears if we do everything correctly.
Such games are very interesting because they help to remember the numbers; a kid plays, presses correct numbers and remembers them.

Practice shows that children cope with it in a really easy manner; they do not study and learn by rote, they just play!

Of course, we note that it’s not advisable for small kids to sit near the computer for long, pause often. Online colorings are great but your child should change his type of activity from time to time. And do not forget to go for a walk together!