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You know , there is such a nice game called “Hide-and-seek”. Of course, you have already know it. Moreover, you used to play it. And it’s better to play hide-and-seek at home, in the yard, in the kindergarten or in the country house, but not by means of the computer.
It’s very easy to play this game. One person hides somewhere, and the other one should find him or her. This game is very useful for the child’s imagination and thinking as if the person hides badly or in any easy place, he or she can be found quite fast.
A real master can hide in his or her own flat quite well and it will be rather difficult to find him or her out.
In our computer game you should find out the girl called Sasha (Alexandra), who is hidden among the buildings and trees in the town square.
But you have only 7 second to find her. If you are able to find Sasha on time, and you have clicked with “the mouse” on the appropriate place, you are the winner. F you are not able to find her on time and she appears on the screen, you have lost the game.
Let’s try!

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