Look and Remember!

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While playing this game you can check how well you can remember the place of the things.
Look! Can you see 4 pictures in the four squares in the center of the game field? Look at them very carefully, remember the place of each picture and then press the button “I’ve remembered everything!”, which is on the bottom of the game field. After that you should put pictures to the right place.
The task is not very difficult. But it is so only in the first level. So, be very attentive! In the second level you should remember the places for the four pictures. But when you press the button “I’ve remembered everything!”, you will see 6 pictures instead of 4. Two pictures are the odd ones. We have added two more pictures to make this task more difficult.
According to the research, the second level is the most difficult of all. So not all the children manage to do that!
In the third level you should remember the places of 6 pictures. It is quite difficult, so we haven’t added any additional pictures.
We are waiting for your comments. Tell us how difficult all the levels of this games are!

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