The Old Windmill

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Here is a new game where you should find 10 differences between the two pictures. The task is quite easy. You can find the differences quite easy because they are seen rather well. So, we hope that even the little ones will be able to do this task quite well.

By the way, do you know what is the windmill used for? It is used to make flour from grains. Then very tasty bread, rolls or some other pastry can be made from the flour. Before the windmill was invented, people had used a mortar to make flour. A mortar is a wooden bowl and a stone thick stick.

Nowadays people use special electrical machines to make the flour. But many years ago they used to have windmills or watermills. The water and the wind were necessary to make them work. Some old windmills can be found all round the world but only photographers are interested in them.

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