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The rules are simple.
A mouse is running from a garage through a bedroom to the kitchen. There is a sleeping cat in every room.
Of course, this cat wants to catch our mouse. It’s necessary to hide when a cat opens her eye!
The cat will see the mouse if you are not successful, she jumps and catches the mouse.
Press “space” and click any place on the picture with a left mouse button, the mouse will hide. One more “space” on the keyboard and a click of a left mouse button – the mouse leaves its shelter and runs further.
Don’t hurry up, your mouse should leave the shelter only when the cat sleeps and her eyes are closed!
Watch carefully! Let the mouse run to the end of the kitchen!

5 Responses to “Cats-and-mice”

  1. abdirahman says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    You site doesn’t work .everypage gets obstructed by adverts…

  3. says:

    my 21 month old grandson loves this one. This site is great. thanks for clean fun. Gramma

  4. funnyman says:

    i like when the cat catches the mouse more

  5. sue says:

    screen doesn’t move once past garage.

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