Find the dogs!

Very badBadnormalI like this!It is cool!

Dogs can be different:)
They can be big or small, of various colors and sizes:)
The main thing is that you can come close only to the dogs you know.
You see, some dogs bark loudly, they can even bite you if to come too close to them.
Of course, dogs are real friends; they are very faithful and devoted. They can help you a lot and it’s not good to offend them!
We should find all the dogs in this game, they hid in the yard.
It’s not very easy to gather all of them because they scattered along the yard:)
Don’t hurry up, look at the picture very attentively. I’m sure you’ll find all the dogs!

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  1. beena dinkar says:

    very interesting game. We can increase our concentrate level

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