Find the hedgehogs!

Very badBadnormalI like this!It is cool!

You know this game for sure. You should find the hedgehogs that hide in the forest!
Look, you see that it is fall, the leaves become yellow, they fall down from the trees. And it’s not so warm as in summer…
There are a lot of hedgehogs in the forests in fall; they are actively preparing supplies of food for winter.
Many yellow leaves fall down from the trees, they stay on the ground. So, it’s very difficult to find hedgehogs under these fallen leaves:)
There are ten hedgehogs in the picture. Some of the hedgehogs had no time to hide from you , some hedgehogs are well hidden. It may be hard to find them!
If you have played our other games like this we think you will do well on this one .
Be careful, don’t touch the hedgehogs with bare hands, they are very prickly:)

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