Number Coloring

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Here is our first coloring by numbers.
We had been thinking for a long time about a suitable section for this game. On one hand, it is a coloring. So it should be placed in the section “Coloring”. On the other hand, this game trains the attention. So, it should be in the section for the Memory Games. In the end, we have decided to place it into the section for “Kids”. We did so because it is a wonderful game for kids. It is very beautiful and it is not very difficult. It can help to train the memory and to learn the numbers.
The rules are very simple.
There are six pencils with the numbers from 1 to 6.
There is a picture which should be coloured. The picture is divided into sections with the numbers. So, it should be coloured according to the numbers.
For example, the area with the number 1 should be coloured with the pencil with the same number.
It’s our first Number Coloring, so we’ll be glad to get your marks and comments!

7 Responses to “Number Coloring”

  1. kasey says:

    It better be good x
    is it really fun?

  2. says:

    you are a revelation!!!!! 🙂 really, thank you for existing 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    this game is great and is really helping my 3 year old learn his numbers, however I find it is very easy for him to click the start button back button and various other buttons. if there was a way to make this game full screen I find it would be much more user friendly

  4. Chloe Warren says:

    ,Under number coloring. You have Three pigs, frog, and hedgehog. There is even a write up for the game.

  5. kat says:

    granddaughter loves this and wishes there were more of this activity

  6. Aiysha says:

    this web site is fun for the whole family. Amd for me too.

  7. Aiysha says:

    its fun and most of all free

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