Picking up daisies

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This game is for our little ones.
The rules of the game are very simple.
You can see the meadow. You can also see the old leshy, a forest spirit, playing a pipe.
There are a lot of different flowers on the meadow. There are 10 daisies among them.
We can tell you how a daisy looks like if you don’t know about that yet. A daisy is a small flower with white petals and yellow pith.
So, as we have already promised you, the game is very easy.
You should only look carefully at the picture and then all the 10 daisies will be discovered by you as easy as ABC.

2 Responses to “Picking up daisies”

  1. shaquille says:

    this game is bess

  2. Jenhamaker1@gmail.com says:

    We absolutely cannot get the game/picture to appear. It is very frustrating especially because it’s homework!

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