Eatable or Uneatable

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That’s a very simple game. Even the little ones are able to play it! Most of you have already played the same game. In fact, it wasn’t the same game, but it was the one with the same rules.
Two people stand opposite each other.
They are going to throw a ball to each other, so they mustn’t stand far from each other. The first player throws a ball and names any subject. The other player should think if the subject is eatable or uneatable.
If the subject is eatable, the ball has to be caught. If it is not, the player mustn’t catch the ball. By the way, the game is very funny.
You needn’t have a good and fast reaction while playing our game.
You should only point to the eatable or uneatable things according to the task written on the dicsplay.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can never find an actual game for toddlers that work

  2. says:

    Good games

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