The Poultry-yard

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It is not only the game for kids. It is also a competition.
The rules are quite easy. There are 4 hens on the fence of the poultry-yard. They are laying the eggs. There is also a basket near the fence. You should catch the eggs with this basket. Use the “right” and “left” arrows on the keyboard or the “mouse” to move the basket. You can choose any of these ways. But you should remember that it will be quite difficult to catch the eggs by means of the keyboard at a high speed.
You get 1 point for every egg you have caught.
There are not only white eggs, but also golden, black and silver ones. All these eggs have a special surprise. You get 3 points for the golden egg, 2 points for the silver egg. But if you catch the black egg, you lose 3 points. So, remember NOT to catch the black eggs! You should also remember that the speed get higher and higher. If you lose more than 6 eggs, the game finishes.
There is an easy game for the little ones where the child has to get 15 points to win the game.

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  1. alisa brown says:

    I have a21month little boy love to games online.

  2. Anonymous says:

    why is the page moving ?

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