The Treasure Island

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Now here is the third quest. This time all the players are on the Treasure Island and they are going to have a long journey and they have to find the ancient treasures.
Here are the rules.
You can play by yourself. Then, a computer will be your opponent. Or you can play with your friend, mother, father, sister, brother or any other person.
In any case, in the beginning of the game you should throw the dice by pressing it in the right bottom corner.
After that, you should see how many dots there are on the dice. Then you should make the steps. For stepping you should take your counter (it can be a blue pirate or a red one) by pressing it with the left button of the mouse. Then you should drag and drop it to the right field. Now it’s the computer’s or your friend’s turn to make the step. Stepping one by one you will reach the finish.
On the way to the finish, you can meet some dangers and pleasant bonuses:
1. There is a field, which makes the pirate fly away a few steps forwards or towards.
2. There is the field where you can have the right to make another step.
3. There is the field where you have to miss your turn.
The computer throws the dice by itself. You will see the result and the computer’s counter will move to the necessary field by itself.
According to the comments for the previous two games we have seen that such kind of games helps the kids to learn to count quite well. Or they can improve their skills we they have already learn to count.

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    This game is very interesting.

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