Vegetables and fruit

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Friends, how well do you know that vegetables differ from fruit?
Of course, all adults know very well that tomatoes, cucumbers and potatos are vegetables. We also know that bananas and apples are fruit.
There are enough simple ways to understand, where vegetables and fruit come from.
Vegetables grow in the earth, and fruit on trees and bushes.
However, it is not all so simple. For example, the water-melon is a berry. The plum at the same time is considered both berry and fruit.
In this game, there are 2 levels.
At the first level it is important to show all vegetables drawn in the picture. If it is all finished correctly, there will be a second level in which it will be necessary to show all drawn fruit.
We know that it will be not difficult!

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  5. Chris Meichtry says:

    I like the concept of this game, but it was very confusing trying to play this with my son because whoever made it doesn’t quite understand the difference between fruits and vegetables. For instance, the pumpkin and eggplant are both fruits, but they are not counted as such in this game. And I’m not sure if those green things are supposed to be cactus pears or cucumbers, but either way, it would also be a fruit (the tomato is also a fruit, by the way). Including peppers (another fruit) in the image but not making them part of the game was also a bit confusing for him. In its current state, this game is not at all helpful for anyone trying to teach their child to accurately recognize fruits and vegetables.

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