Which is right?

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There is no doubt that all the schoolchildren and even preschool children know the alphabet quite well. We are also sure that they know how to write the letters and the numbers properly. So, this game is for the little ones. The task is quite easy.

In each level there are right and wrong letters or numbers. You should put the wrong letter or the number into the basket. Drag the letter or the number with the left button and drop it into the basket. If you have done everything well, the next task appears.

There are two levels in this game. If you have ever played any games on this website, you know this rule. While playing the easy game you can make as many mistakes as you want. While playing the difficult game you can only make 3 mistakes. After the third mistake the game stops.

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  1. Sonja Coy says:

    playing this game my toddler, helped point out that you are missing the U and J in your alphabet at the end

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