Wrong pictures

Very badBadnormalI like this!It is cool!

Sky is blue. Grass is green. Snow is white.
Apples can be yellow, green and red.
Bananas, for example, can be ripe, so they have yellow color, they are green when they are not ripe.
Trees’ leaves are green in summer, they have red-yellow-orange color in fall, trees do not have leaves in winter…
Playing this game we learn to understand which pictures are colored correctly and which pictures are incorrect.
Here we have several levels, you should choose one picture in each frame that is colored correctly.
Can you do it?:)

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  1. allyce bleakley says:

    thes are esy

  2. Raerae Bud says:


  3. jaidyn says:

    my little cousin is rocking this website she is so smart!!!!!!

  4. River says:

    my cousin is rocking this website out

  5. River says:

    my cousin is rocking this website his is so smart!!!!!!

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