Kids puzzles online

Free puzzle games for kids

It’s a really ancient art to do a puzzle.

Puzzles can be small or big, simple and difficult.
The simplest puzzles can be done of four pieces, difficult puzzles – from hundreds and sometimes thousands of pieces.
It’s impossible to do such puzzles in online games but it’s quite easy to do a picture of several tens pieces.

Such puzzles develop kids’ concentration of attention because it’s not always possible to imagine how all the pieces combine with each other and what kind of picture we can do.

Kids of nearly three years old can try to do a picture consisting of 4-6 pieces and then pass to more difficult puzzles little by little.

How to teach a kid to do puzzles?

The rules are really simple.
Start to do puzzles from the corners.

There will be only four corners in every picture whether it is simple or a difficult one.

We try to find them first of all, then we place them on their localities.
Sometimes it’s quite difficult for kids to understand which pieces of puzzles should be placed to the corners. Explain them that such pieces have always two plane sides. All the rest pieces will be figured!

Well, the corners are filled; let’s pass to the pieces that will be placed along the sides of a picture.
It’s also very easy to distinguish them from all the rest pieces – such pieces have one plane side, so you should place this plane side to a proper part of a picture.

We’ll have a picture with done flanks and from all the sides. Of course, if we did everything correctly.

So, we just need to fill the center, figured cuts on sides of a piece as well as a fragment of a picture on it will be the hints. The fragment should coincide with already done fragments of a picture.

You should follow this rule doing puzzles for kids and for more difficult puzzles with great number of fragments.
Of course, you’ll have various hints doing our online puzzles.

There are two of the hints.
First of all, you will always have the possibility to look at already done picture if to press the button with a query mark.
The second hint – a fragment of a picture will “stick” to the place (showing that we are on the right way) in case we place the fragment on a correct position.

Of course, all online puzzles at our site are absolutely free and you can play them at any place where a computer is situated and where you have the access to the internet.