Breaking the balloons

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Ok, stop studying, let’s have a break!
There are no puzzles, colorings or riddles in this game.
Everything is quite clear here.
A lot of balloons are flying upwards.
Move the mouse towards the balloon and click with a left mouse button, and a balloon will burst.
You have only one minute in this game and you should break as many balloons as possible.
You can see your time at the top of the picture, there you can also see your score .
So, what’s your best score?:)

8 Responses to “Breaking the balloons”

  1. Sonia Sharma says:

    I like this game but its make me my eyes tried

  2. Angle says:

    nice game

  3. Horatio says:

    I like this game

  4. harrison says:

    only plyed once but like it

  5. harrison says:

    likes this game

  6. Dilip says:

    Ok Game

  7. priya says:

    very nice game

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