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Here is quite an unusual game for our website. However, as we have learned, even the 6 year-old children can play this game and the succeed.
These are the classical Russian Checkers. You can play with the computer or with your friend or relative or any other partner. The first thing you should do is you have to choose the partner.
Then, if you are going to play with the computer, you have to choose the level of the difficulty. There are three of them. The higher the level, the better your opponent plays. You can also choose the “Against the clock” game. This game is called “Fast Checkers”. In this game every player is given only 1 minute to make a move at draughts. If the doesn’t make a move, he loses the game. So, keep your eyes open!
Of course, we know that there are a lot of similar games in the Internet. However, we have tried to do our best and make this game interesting for our audience.
We hope you will like our game! You know, we have spent about half a year to make it!

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  1. Abbie says:

    Hate the website checkers doesn’t even work pactily nothing works really disappointed I wouldn’t suggust this website to any one and is not user friendly

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