Coloured shapes

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What is the difference between the red square and the yellow circle?
That’s not a joke! What is the difference between them? You are right, their shapes and colours are different. While playing this game kids can train the skills of comparing things of different colours and shapes. They can also train their logical thinking.
So, there are 12 baskets and 12 coloured shapes. There are circles, triangles and squares. They are red, blue, yellow and green.
The goal of the game is to put the shapes into the right basket according to its shape and colour.
The game is not easy. There is only one basket for each shape. So, you should think before putting the shapes into the baskets as there are only 12 baskets and 12 shapes.

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    I put mu child on this site and she was having problems at school and when I put her on the site she improved

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