Forest tale

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Here is the second game from our fairy-tale series. According to your comments you liked the game “Visiting the fairy-tale”. So, we are going on with this kind of game.
Now you should help the Hare to get home through the forest where he faces a lot of adventures.
Let’s remind about the game rules.
You can play either yourself or with your friend. If you don’t have a partner, the computer will play with you. You can also play with a friend, mother, father, sister, brother or anyone else.
In any case, you should throw the dice first of all. Press the dice at the bottom on the right. After that you should count the dots on the dice. Then you should make the same amount of steps. For that you should take your hare by the left button of the mouse and put it on the right square on the game field. Then it’s your partner’s or the computer’s turn. Stepping one by one you’ll get to the finish. On your way to the finish you’ll meet some dangers and nice and pleasant bonuses.
1. There is a square where the Hare has to go back or go forward some steps.
2. There is a square where you can make one extra step or where you have to miss your turn.
The computer throws the dice by itself. You’ll see its result and of course, you’ll see how the other Hare is moving through.

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