Kids crossword – 3

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This is a new child’s color crossword!
We remind rules.
In the right part of game you can see questions. Near each question there is a color small square. You must to guess a word of which we thought and to enter it in the field of a crossword puzzle with the same color.
To write a word, it is necessary to drag letters which are located under a crossword puzzle on the corresponding places.
It is rather big crossword puzzle, such we still yet didn’t do, in it 9 words.
But, if the task is real difficult, you will have more occasions be proud, when you will conclude it:)
And certainly, the winner is waited by salute!

Yes, we would love to hear your opinion on this game. Please add your comments, tell us what you like about it, and if we can improve in any way. We will always try to make a better game for you.

4 Responses to “Kids crossword – 3”

  1. rashell says:

    this game is so hard.(:wonder:)(:smile:)(:boring:)(:joy:)(:sly:)(:cry:)

  2. LL says:

    The questions have the wrong colours.
    What is a “gnat”?

  3. me says:

    The questions and the colors don’t match up. Also, the instructions could use some work.

  4. Gramma says:

    A gnat is an insect, not a bird.

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