Kids’ Sudoku

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It’s quite a difficult game.
However, as we know from our experience, even a 5-year old child is able to play this game. The principle of this game was invented in the 18th century by Leonhard Euler, the mathematician. Since 1970s this game has become very popular all over the world.
Of course, we don’t offer you a classical game “Sudoku”. We have made it a little bit easier. We hope it will be interesting for children to play it.
So, there is a game field, which consists of 4 squares cheсked 2*2. There are some pictures on it.
The player’s goal is to fill in the game field with different pictures. But there mustn’t be the same pictures in one column, one line and one square checked 2*2.
Try and play it! We hope you will like this game!:)
In addition, this game can be played even by those children who can’t read at all as there is very comfortable voice prompting.

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