Let’s go for a drive!

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Forward! Go!!!
Do you really can drive a bicycle?
Can you use a two-wheeled bicycle?
We’ll check it right now.
Here you should control a cyclist driving his bicycle in this game.
He moves along the road and meets various obstacles: stones, deep pools, branches… He had to jump over obstacles (press the arrow “up”).
Besides, bonus stars are placed over the road. It’s necessary to gather them, press the arrow “up” and jump then.
You can also increase or slow down your move, just press the arrow “forward” and “back”.
The task of the game is to pick five stars.
Let’s go!

4 Responses to “Let’s go for a drive!”

  1. sonia Sharma says:

    i dont no how to ride the bycle but i can ride here

  2. chiara says:

    i won’t to play this

  3. cjdfh says:

    good dad

  4. charles c says:

    I love bicycle and i want to learn how to ride it from here.

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