Let’s Learn to Read

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This game will be very easy for you if you can read. But it’s quite difficult if you can’t read at all.
The goal is to read all the words under the picture and to choose the right one.
For example, if there is a spoon in the picture, you should press the button with the word “Spoon”. You shouldn’t press the button with the words “Fork” or “Lemon”.
There are 2 levels of difficulty in this game.
The Easy Game is for those, who like pressing all the buttons randomly without reading and thinking. You can make as many mistakes as you like. In any case, the game won’t finish until you find the right word.
The Difficult Game allows to make only three mistakes during all the game.
After the third mistake the game will finish.

Only the most attentive children will be able to pass the difficult game!
By the way, we ask the parents not to help their children. The children should try to read by themselves!

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