Mini Sea Battle

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Of course, we remember having the same game.
Here is a short version of the classical sea battle. The battle is faster and the game is much more active.
There are some changes about the game field and the set of the ships. Now the computer and you have got one three-deck ship and two double-deck ships. You haven’t got any one-deck ships. All the other rules and regulations are still the same, without any changes.
First, you need to set your ships on the game field. Until the ship is set down, it can be moved by clocking the “mouse”. Use the left button for that. You should drag and drop to set the ship to the right place. If you have done any mistakes while setting the ships, you may start the game from the very beginning. You just need to press the button at the bottom of the game field.
There must be not less than one check between the ships. After the ships are set the game starts. You should shoot your enemy’s field. You can see how many enemy’s ships are left in the left bottom part of the game field.
But note: there is no need to shoot the space just next to the wrecked ship because there is always one check between the ships according our rules.
The aim of the game is to sink all the enemy’s ships before your opponent does the same with yours.

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