Learning games

Free online learning games for kids

How do we help our children to develop?
We purchase interesting games, read books, make toys from plasticine and so on.

The main benefit is variety of them. A kid gets many-sided development playing such games, he is interested in various spheres of activity, so it helps parents to find and develop his/her natural gifts and talents.

Learning games for children – logical continuation, evolution of those board games, construction sets and some other offline games that we purchase in shops and in which our kids use to play.

There is one more interesting moment.
We all wanted to know how to work with a computer; nobody was born with such a skill.
Everybody knows that the best way of study for kids is a playing way.

Everything is clear here. A kid likes some toys or games, so he has the possibility to play with them and studies how to work with a computer.
Child intuitively understands how to open this or that part of a site, how to download this or that game…
A child just plays but not “studies”!
Note the position your kid takes working with a computer.
Here are the main rules to follow:

  • It’s advisable not to stoop and not to bend to the left or to the right.
  • The distance from the face of a kid and a screen should be not less that a diagonal of a screen!
  • Explain your kid how to hold a mouse correctly, it will also help him/her in our developing games as well as will make his work with a computer easier.

This sphere is really young, qualitative kids’ online games started to develop not very long ago. That’s why we are always ready to talk and help. . If you have new ideas of online games, please inform us and we’ll try to create them!