Sea Battle

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This game is quite difficult, but very exciting. Your parents used to play it, when they were young.
So, classical “Sea Battle”.
Let’s speak about the rules.
First of all you should place all your ships on the game field. Until the ship is not set, it can be turned around by clicking of the left button. You should drag and drop the ship to place it to the right place. If you make a mistake while placing the ships, you can start the game again by clicking the button on the bottom of the game field.
The distance between the ships should be not less than 1 square.
After placing the ships the game starts. You should shoot your enemy’s game field. On the left part of the game field you can see how many your enemy’s ships are left.
Notice that there is no need to shoot the square near the broken ship because the ships can’t be placed close to each other.
The goal of the game is to shoot and break down all the enemy’s ships before he or she does that.
We have a hint for you! To win a game you should think carefully before placing your ships. You should also think of a special way of shooting the enemy’s ships. It’s not a good idea to shoot at random. It’s better to break down the smaller ships and then the bigger ones.

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