Simple equations

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The task for this game is the same. You should find the right answer. But now we have prepared for you a multiple choice, and the game has become a little bit more difficult. There are three answers and you should choose only one.
We are going to give you a hint how to learn to do these sums as quickly as you can. You need Cuisenaire rods for that. If you don’t have them, you can use any objects of the same colour or shape. You should have 20 objects.
It’s very easy. For example, doing the sum 2+?=4, you should put 2 rods on the table. Then put 4 rods under them. Then you can see that there is the difference between these two lines. And you can see that need two more rods to make these lines the same. So, 2 is the right answer. The same is for “-” sums. It takes quite a little time for the child to understand the principle of the basic operations of arithmetic. Very soon the child will be able to do that mentally without any rods or other objects.

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  1. Siedah says:

    I really love this site , its very educational & also fun for my nephew’s.

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