Simple “Tag”

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This is a simple version of a very good and interesting game “Tag”.
The task is to place the numbers in correct order, from the smallest and to the biggest one.
From one to three in this case.
You should not think a lot in this game, you just need to understand the logic how to move the markers with numbers across a playing field.
So, we see the field (2х2 squares) and three markers – one, two, three.
The square will be moved to an empty field if it is not occupied, just click on one of the squares with a left mouse button.
The task in this game is to place numbers 1 and 2 to an upper line in correct order, number 3 takes the lower line, this number should be on a left field.
Well, a right filed in a lower line will be empty.
Try, this task is very simple but you should learn how to do it because we are going to create some more versions of this game soon, they’ll be more complicated!

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