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Can you imagine winter without playing snowballs? We hope you will like our new game as we have spent quite a lot of time to create it. Moreover, we didn’t use to have such games on our website.
The task is quite simple.
It’s a kind of shooting gallery. There are five levels of difficulty. There are different clay pigeons in every level. They are of different sizes and moving. They are big and small. They can be moving and fixed. You should throw the snowballs right into the clay pigeons. By the way, the amount of the snowballs is different for every level.
We tried to make the trip of the snowball the same as of the real one. So, the snowball doesn’t fly straight to the clay pigeon. It can go down to the left if you throw with your right hand. You should try again and again to learn how to throw the snowballs.
We are looking forward to your comments! Don’t forget to tell us about your results!

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