“Tag”— 3х3

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Now you’ll have a very difficult test.
You have already played a very simple variant of the game “Tag”.
It was not a game, it was training. You could play it with the help of only two or three movements.
Now we are have a more complicated test.
Look, a playing field is a little bit larger, we added three more cells, but it’s even more difficult to play this game this time!
The rules.
Use your mouse and click on the numbered square next to an empty space, it will move to the empty space.
The task is to organize the correct number series from 1 to 8; a right square in a lower line should be empty.
This game is not for young children, of course, but there is nothing difficult in it. Patience and work will help you to solve many complex tasks.

5 Responses to ““Tag”— 3х3”

  1. becky says:

    this is a coll game ha ha

  2. Anonymous says:

    the top cells don’t move. only the two lower do.

  3. ampantoja says:

    why don’t top numbers move.

  4. ampantoja@chartermi.net says:

    the top numbers will not move

  5. ampantoja@chartermi.net says:

    tag 3×3 game isn’t working .

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