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This interesting game has a very long history.
The task is to place three crosses (X) or three noughts (0) in one line. The main thing is not to hurry up and do not let your opponent do the same.
Look carefully how your adversary moves (here we mean the computer).
You can win here only if your opponent makes a mistake. But our computer plays like a kid, it’s not difficult to defeat it.
We want to repeat that you should not hurry up, think how to place three crosses (X) in one line (across horizontal line, vertical line and diagonal), do not let the computer act the same way.
Our computer is very young; it thinks not very fast, you’ll obviously get to know how to win!

8 Responses to “Tick-tack-toe”

  1. olivia says:

    Its my first time on this website so I might need a bit of good luck

  2. sonia Sharma says:

    i love this game i use to play when i was smal

  3. georgia says:

    its a great website just needs more games on it though

  4. Hitaishi says:

    I love this game which i have learned from my uncle.

  5. Oyinkansola Olayoriju says:

    it a’int about losing or wining its about having a fun time playin it!

  6. Oyinkansola Olayoriju says:

    omg this game is very popular in the united states i love it!(:smile:)

  7. Oyinkansola Olayoriju says:

    its fun to play with my little bro!

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