Visiting the fairy-tale

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“Visiting the fairy-tale” is the first game of the newest online series for little children.
While playing this game, you are expected to have a real adventure where you should try to be the first one at the Finish!
Here are some rules.
Well, you can play by yourself. In this case a computer will be your partner. You can also have a game with your friend, Dad, Mum, sister or brother.
In any case first you should throw a dice. Press the dice which is in the right bottom corner of the screen.
After that you should count the dots on the dice and make the same number of steps. Before making a step you should match your Knight. Press the Knight with the left button of the mouse. Place your Knight to the necessary field while holding the button.
Now it’s your partner’s turn.
Making steps one by one you will come up to the Finish.
On the way to the Finish you can meet some dangers and bonuses.
1. There is a field, where the Knight has to make some steps forward or backwards.
2. There is a field, where you can get an extra step without waiting for your turn or another one, where you have to miss your turn.
The computer “throws” the dice by itself. You will see the result of its throwing and the movements of its Knight.

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