Vowels and Consonants

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Let’s tell the difference between vowels and consonants in English.
There are 5 vowels in the English Alphabet. They are A, E, I, O, U. There are 21 consonants in the English Alphabet. They are Q, W, R, T, P, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, Z, X, C, V, B, N, M. The letter Y is considered semi-vowel and semi-consonant. This is because it makes a consonant sound [j] when it stands in the beginning of the word, like in “yes” and it makes a vowel sound [i] when it stands in the middle or in the end of the word, like in “myth” or “baby”.
If the air passes straight through the mouth without being stopped or constricted anywhere, this forms a VOWEL SOUND.
If the air is stopped at any point or the mouth is constricted somehow, then this creates a CONSONANT SOUND.
For example, let’s take the word “TOO”. It begins with the [t] sound and if you make this sound, you will feel that your tongue touches the roof of your mouth and blocks the passage of the air. When you take down your tongue, the sound is produced. The next sound in this word is [u:]. If you produce this sound you will be able to feel that the air flows directly through your mouth without being closed off at any point.
This useful tip will help you a lot to pass this game successfully.
So, you should read the words and colour the vowels red and the consonants – blue.
We are sure you will do this task successfully. Even pre-school kids have to do such kind of a task.
We hope our game will help you with your studies at school. We wish you good luck!

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    How do you play this on line? I can’t pull up any games. What am I doing wrong?

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