Which is the next one?

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All parents know that it is very important to teach a child how to think, analyze, make the conclusion, find the regularities and make the decision.
Of course, it’s better to start learning easy things. Then it won’t be difficult for a child to do any task. In this case he or she will be more confident which is quite perfect.
There are five tasks in this game. In each task a child should find the regularities in the top row which consists of three pictures and then find a suitable picture in the bottom row. If the choice is right, the child will be able to continue the game and process to the following level and task. If the picture is not suitable for the row, it will disappear. So the child should do this task again.
There are two levels of difficulty in this game. The child can make as many mistakes as he or she wants while playing the easy game. While playing the difficult game the child is allowed to make not more than two mistakes. After making the third mistake the game stops.

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