Which is the odd one out – 2

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How do you think which is the odd one out? A, B, E, P, 2?
The right answer is 2. It is the odd one out because 2 is a number and all the others are letters.
But it is quite easy. In the third game called “Which is the odd one out – 3?” we have prepared five different tasks. In each task you should find the picture which is the odd one out. There are two levels in this game and they are especially for those who like to press all the pictures one after another without thinking. If you play an easy game, you can make as many mistakes as you want. If you choose the difficult game, you can make only two mistakes. Not more! After the third mistake the game is finished. As we have noticed before, you should think before you press the answer. That’s the right way to win!

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