Autumn Puzzle

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Autumn is a wonderful season.
Of course, we are sorry about the summer. It is getting cold, the weather is rainy and drizzling. But how wonderful to walk in the autumn forest, especially at the end of September or in October! Hardly there are any poets, artists or photographers who have never tried to show the beauty of the autumn forests.
By the way, which poems about autumn do you know? Which of them do you like most? Write about that in the Comments for this game. We are sure it will be interesting for many children!
This game is very famous. It’s a classical puzzle which contains 2 levels of difficulty. Level 1 has the picture of 9 pieces. Level 2 has the picture of 16 pieces. So, everyone can play any game he or she likes.

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    A perfect activity for a cold, snowy, Wisconsin afternoon at my house with my 3-year-old granddaughter.

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