Puzzle “Africa”

Very badBadnormalI like this!It is cool!

We know that sharks, gorillas and big crocodiles can be met in Africa.
But Africa is really great, many other animals live there. For example, elephant calves settle there, look at the picture. They like bananas, it’s really easy for them to pick these fruits from the trees, their trunks help elephants to do it:)
So, this puzzle is rather simple, it consists of 9 fragments.
You’ll succeed in doing this puzzle if this is not the first game you play at our site.
Of course, you have the chance to choose one of two difficulty levels here:)

4 Responses to “Puzzle “Africa””

  1. gracie says:


  2. allyce bleakley says:

    ohh my God

  3. haneesha says:

    when i saw the comments of gracie and allyce…….. i was eager to play. even my
    l.k.g bro can play.

  4. patprout1956@gmail.com says:

    Like puzzles for my grand child

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