Sakura Puzzle

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Sakura is a national symbol of Japan. This is the name of a Japanese cherry tree. Sakura is in blossom in spring. It inspires artists, photographers and poets to make their masterpieces. You can see a branch of sakura drawn on the back of the Fujiyama mountain which can help to recognize the scenery of this faraway country.
That’s obviously that Japan is situated quite far from the central part of Russia, Europe and America.
We know Japan as the Motherland of martial arts, such as karate, judo and aikido. This country is also famous for its technologies which outgrow all the world.
For the first time we have made three levels of difficulty in this puzzle. In the first level there are 4 pieces. In the second level there are 9 pieces and in the third level there are 16 pieces.
We hope our game will be loved by everyone who has visited our website. It is so because everyone can choose the suitable task!

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