Savanna Animals Puzzle

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You know, we haven’t made any classical puzzles for so long. So, it’s time to do that!
That’s why we have prepared for not only one puzzle. Now you have almost two ones! The first one is quite easy.
There are 10 pieces in it.
The other one is quite difficult. There are 16 pieces in it.
We hope this game will be interesting not only for the little ones, but also for the younger children.
By the way, do you know that the hippos which you can see in the picture live near water?
At first sight, hippos seem to be slow and clumsy. But in fact, they can swim and run very quickly! They spend almost all the day in the water if the weather is hot. But at night they go walking. Hippos weigh more than 400 kilos and they can eat more than 70 kilos of grass a day!

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