The Great Wall of China

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Here we are going on with the series of puzzles called “The Countries of the World”.
Now we offer you to make a picture of the Great Wall of China. It’s a very long wall over 8850 kilometres. It can even be seen from the space. It is one of the wonders of the world!
Its building started over 5000 years ago. More than one million of people worked there. The people of China needed this wall to defend themselves from different enemies. During the long building some parts of the wall were destroyed, but after a time they were reconstructed again.
This puzzle is not ordinary. All the pieces of the picture have already seen on the game field. You should put all the pieces to the right place to make the whole picture. If you click to the question mark, you’ll see a short hint, which can help you make the picture.
There are two levels of difficulty in this game. There are 9 squares in the first level. We hope you’ll be able to put them together as it is not very difficult. There are 16 squares in the other level and they are not very easy to be put together.

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