The Leaning Tower of Pisa

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This is the fifth puzzle from the series “The Countries of the World”.
The famous “leaning” campanile is situated in Italy, in Pisa. It is well known because it doesn’t stand vertically as all the other buildings. It has an unintended tilt to one side. So it seems to be going to fall over.
It was believed that the tilt of the Tower was the architect’s original idea. They believed that the angle of slant was the right for the Tower not to fall over but there was an impression of a small tilt.
However, the historians think that the tower’s tilt was caused by an inadequate foundation of the structure. When the third floor of the tower was built, it was seen that the tower had a little tilt and the construction was stopped. When the soil settled and the foundation was fixed, the construction of the tower was continued. The construction was completed in 1360, in 200 years since the beginning of the construction.

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