The Old Fortress Puzzle

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The history of any city or town begins from a small settlement. As a rule, people used to choose the most comfortable place to live in. That place had to have good forests for hunting and clean lakes and seas for fishing. That place also had to be defended for enemies. So, thick walls of the fortress were very important for any city or town.
Nowadays there are a lot of fortresses all round the world. We can see brick walls which were built long, long time ago. The city or the town used to be built inside the fortress. The people lived there, did farming, trading and developed different crafts.
Do you know the history of your town or city? When was it built? Which historical events do you know? Ask your parents to tell you about that. Believe us, it will be very exciting!
As usual, there are three level of difficulty in this puzzle. Take your choice!

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